About Me

Hello! I'm a fourth year PhD student in Information Science at Cornell University focusing on Computational Social Science. I’m a member of the Social Dynamics Laboratory, and am advised primarily by Michael Macy. Other members of my committee include: Lillian Lee & Mabel Berezin.

Prior to graduate school, I received a BA in Communications and Sociology at Rutgers University. I also worked for two years in marketing as a social media analyst at Converseon, and FCB New York

Research Topics:

Topics: Social Polarization, Radicalization, Social Influence vs. Self-Selection, Lifestyle Politics

Research Methods: Natural Language Processing, Network Analysis, Causal Inference, Machine Learning, Online-Based Experiments


▪ Co-authored a paper in Science Advanced titled “Opinion cascades and the unpredictability of partisan polarization.” [Link]
▪ Interned on the Listener Science team at Pandora Media (Summer, 2019).


e-mail: natalietong at cornell dot edu